• India International Pet Trade Fair 2018

    India International Pet Trade Fair 2018

    The 10th Edition of Asia Largest Pet Trade Event & Festival for Pet Lovers will be held from October 26 to October 28, 2018, at NISC Exhibition Centre, New Delhi.

  • Kashmir Red Stag (Hangul)

    Kashmir Red Stag (Hangul)

    The Kashmir stag also known as Hangul is a critically endangered species. This deer has a light rump patch without including the tail. Each of its antlers consists of 5 tines.

  • Amur Leopard

    Amur Leopard

    The Amur Leopard is solitary. Nimble-footed and strong, it carries and hides unfinished kills so that they are not taken by other predators.

  • Black-footed Ferrets

    Black-footed Ferrets

    The black-footed ferret is now considered one of America's top conservation success stories even though the animal is still endangered.

  • Black Buck

    Black Buck

    The Black Buck is the state animal of 3 Indian states viz. Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

  • Nilgiri Tahr

    Nilgiri Tahr

    As per the current survey, there is a total population of 3,000 Nilgiti Tahr in India, inclusive of smaller species which haven't been documented in the past.

  • Pharaoh Hound - The National Animal Of Malta

    Pharaoh Hound - The National Animal Of Malta

    A rare breed of dog, the Pharaoh Hound is the national hound of Malta. A popular myth holds that the breed is descended from the Tesem, one of the ancient Egyptian hunting dogs.